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Sturgis to Nemo....check this out!

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This video was really just an experiment. I mounted a tripod to the top of my Bushtec trailer, attached a Sony video camera to it and faced it to the rear. Royal Blue and I were so impressed with Nemo Road that we knew this could be cool. Nemo Road heads south out of Sturgis to a little town called Nemo. It is one of the neatest roads you’ll ever ride. Besides the great scenery it has some of the best sweeping turns you’ll ever ride. It has a posted speed limit of 45mph but the first time Royal and I rode it we went for broke. Good thing we didn’t come across any LEOS or we might have been in big trouble. When we did the video we kept a slower pace. Let me know what you think. Just a note. The original video was well over 10 minutes long. Crank you're sound up! ... 0872&hl=en

Here's the full 10 min. ride with all it's sweeping turns. ... 2181&hl=en
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GREAT video cindoug.
Thanks for sharing.
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