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First, thanks to two fellow members for helping me yesterday with questions that I had on an installation; couldn't have done it without your help Jon and Sean!
I was able to get all my Kennedy wiring connected and now need advice/suggestions on the best/preferred method of running the wires/cables for the following: 1) on the RH handlebar/resevoir top I will mount an XM RoadyXT. 2) on the LH handlebar I will mount a Valentine V-1 radar detector on a Saeng handlebar mount/platform. BTW; can someone suggest 'how to' install and mount the Valentine audio adapter that I understand is necessary in my setup? I have the Kennedy SingleAuxADSet and all necessary wires/cables for the RoadyXT and the Valentine V-1.

My task(s) for today is to run all the wires/cables in the easiest, best and/or preferred method and I seek the wisdom of my fellow board members. Thank you very much for your continued help. I hope someday soon to be able to return the favor to another member! :)
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