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wing-renter said:
[quote="Rob R":39bzq8x6]sounds like much more fun than mowing the lawn
What's a 'lawn'?[/quote:39bzq8x6]

Oh yeah, I forgot they don't have grass in Tucson. No water! Actually, it's better that way as yard maintenence is so much easier. I swear my next house will be all desert landscaping .... and no more swimming pool!

We did the Coronado Trail ride last weekend, spent a night in Taylor and returned through the Salt River Canyon, Globe etc.. I love that ride but there was alot of traffic going through the Canyon due to the Labor Day weekend. Still, it was much lighter trafiic than coming back through Payson.

Tony, I can see why you bought land in Taylor to retire to. It's beautiful up there. I may have to go back and look around there myself!
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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