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Ok so I'm riding Sunday morning to a small town just south of me for the Sunday paper, (25c cheaper :roll: ).

It's a great ride through the state forrest, narrow road, enjoying the piece and quiet, lots of colored trees and taking in the fall scenery, riding about 35 - 40 mph and I heard this loud rumble coming from behind.
Looked in my rear-view mirror, and here comes two Harley riders, both running straight pipes and following inches right on my ass.
We came to a stop sign, I put the GL1800 in neutral and held both hands over my ears with my helmet on shaking my head showing my disapprovel with the sound of their rides.

Then they passed me, (one on each side), and one was nice enough to turn and show me his age with a 1/2 peace sign............. :shock:

Those Harley boys are so friendly......... :twisted:
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