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My friend at work said he was stopped at a store when a guy on a GL1800 pulled up to him and gave him a business card with this iinformation on it:

Sunday Riders
Meets Every Sunday at 7:30 am

Carribou Coffee, 2879 Route 59 (95th Street and Route 59), Naperville
More info, email [email protected]

My friend said he went last Sunday. Only three peeps showed but he said they had a good time riding West and South in the Morris area. All bikes are welcome but about 50% are GW's.

I plan on checking it out on the 21st. Never hurts to meet new people...:thumbup:

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Another option, if you're looking to go for a ride on the 21st and support a good cause all at the same time, could be to join us in our 3rd Annual "Wheels For A Cure" benefiting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).
We will be leaving West Chicago (Routes 64 and 59) and going for an approximate 75 mile ride to Buffalo Rock State Park , in Ottawa. Ride to be followed by cook-out, door prizes, raffle prizes.

Information can be found at

Hope you can make it.


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