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When you are on the street or track and something goes wrong, you need to be sure that you can stay safe and walk from the accident scene unscathed. A good set of riding gear needs to provide great protection and fit you well. That way, it doesn’t distract you while you’re riding making sure you are focused. All products by renowned Italian brand Dainese can meet these requirements. Besides, they look cool too.

For decades, Dainese engineers and designers worked in strong collaboration with motorcycle racing professionals to improve protection properties of their products as well as racers’ performance on the track. They were first to come up with replaceable knee and elbow sliders, back protectors and airbags that inflate in milliseconds after impact and don’t require tethering to the motorcycle. To learn more about this brand’s products and its history, you can watch our latest video review:

Dainese® Tuono D-Air Leather Jacket at

D-Air airbag system
1 inner pocket
2 outer pockets on the front
Reflective inserts
Replaceable Slider System 2.0: quickly releasable elbow slider
Soft inserts for a perfect fit better comfort

Dainese® Racing 3 Leather Jacket at

2 outer pockets
1 pocket for Double Chest protector
1 pocket for G1 & G2 back protector
Reflective inserts
Soft inserts improve fitment and comfortable

Dainese® Dyno Tex Jacket at

1 inner pocket on thermal liner
2 inner pockets
2 outer pockets on the front
Pocket for Double Chest protector
Pocket for G1 & G2 back protector
Reflective inserts
Soft inserts

Dainese™ Motorcycle Leather Jackets, Gloves, Boots, Backpacks & Race Suits at

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me in this thread or send a PM. Also, you can always call our support team at 888.903.4344 (toll free)​
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