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Got into Fayetteville early on Wednesday and started doing some test rides. It nice to be able to ride bikes from different manufacturers in the same location. I rode:

Suzuki GSXR 1300 Hayabusa: Nice and fast but it just isn't my cup of tea. It's the only bike that I was actually ready to park.

Victory Cross Country Tour: Very nice machine. Smooth, powerful, fun to ride. It's new this year and I'm sure it will do well.

Victory Vision: This was the one. Power, ride, handling, were all great and very comfortable. Floorboards are the longest and most useful that I have ever found on a motorcycle. If I decide to go to another bike in the future then this one gets a very, very hard look. I'm still not hip on Honda building the Wing in Japan. I like American (sans HD) Nothing that HD has can top this one in my opinion.

Can Am Spyder: This is a machine in it's own realm. ABS, traction control, anti-skid, semi auto transmission, three wheeled linked brakes, etc. Rides and handles well. If/when I have to go to three wheels this one gets the nod over a standard trike.

Yamaha Super Tenere: This is Yamaha's competition to the BMW R1200GS. I am not ready to get rid of my GS anytime soon but when I do I will look at this one hard to replace it with. Nice ride, handles very well in twisties and on interstate, very solid. Best brakes I have ever ridden on a bike. They are as good or better than the FJR.

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