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Texas Helmet Law Question

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OK. I'm from Louisiana I meet the Texas requirements to ride without a helmet for age and insurance, but is it legal for me to ride without a helmet.

Someone said I need to have a "no helmet" sticker???

I am at College Station for the week and I rode in. One of my co-works showed up and the local car rental place is "out of cars." I am wondering if we can ride around legally without helmets... or will I get a ticket if he isn't wearing one?

Thanks... Ken
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One thing I have to disagree with on my part, I do not think anyone who wears any amount of gear they feel is valuable is stupid, I just get tired of being called stupid by them because they disagree with my beliefs. Unfortunately at 18 degrees, while I don't consider myself a fair weather rider, it is too darn cold for me to do anything other than play on this silly computer. I sure will be glad when it gets warm (50 degrees will do) :p
Hi Stupid!! :lol::lol: I just could not resist, and this goes with a great big grin. !!!

It is a world record around here the last two days too, South Carolina, hey it is supposed to be warm. Down to 11 degrees and at 3 in the afternoon all the way up to 38 degrees and again down to 18 or lower tonight. I could go for 50 degrees too. When it gets this cold around here it is a shock.

Hey but gonna be 65 Saturday, for sure a ride coming up. That is what I am doing today, playing with this silly computer, and aggravating people.

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