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Texas Helmet Law Question

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OK. I'm from Louisiana I meet the Texas requirements to ride without a helmet for age and insurance, but is it legal for me to ride without a helmet.

Someone said I need to have a "no helmet" sticker???

I am at College Station for the week and I rode in. One of my co-works showed up and the local car rental place is "out of cars." I am wondering if we can ride around legally without helmets... or will I get a ticket if he isn't wearing one?

Thanks... Ken
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I started to Quote A Bunch of the Nosy Morons the just had to put their worthless And Unwanted Opinions in , instead of Just answering the Mans Question. But their were too many and this post would have been a Page long. Since you find it necessary to Blab your Opinions I figure I might as well do the same.
Here's a Thought for ya.
Maybe My Life just aint that great. I just barely Make it because The cost of everything going up.
If I Crash after 30 years of Riding with out a helmet on, I will Hopefully Die. And Die doing one of the few things I actually Enjoy in life.
Then the insurance will pay off and the family will be doing good.
Now if I Crash with a Helmet on I might live, But with Spinal injuries that leave me a Para or quadriplegic. I can't do the only thing I know how to do in this condition. Thus I would be a Burden to My family and Tax payer.
Cudo's to the ones that can still live in this condition. I couldn't. Well I could Live and Breath but that would be the extent of it.
So I enjoy my Dangerous Bike while riding it the way I want to. Not the way some Nazi Minded moron that feels he has to call everyone that doesn't do everything just like he does Stupid. If there was a Finger Smiley it would be inserted here.
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Would somebody please Ride without a Helmet...My Sister is on the waiting list for a Liver Transplant in Shreveport.....:-(
I hope she's a Drinker, If not after she gets Mine she will be.
Mine should be preserved for a few years after my death.
So iffin you want it come get it. I'll set my phone to email you a pone my death.

I just had a thought.
From this post you are saying that Not wearing a Helmet SAVES LIVES :D
Kind of like riding on a car tire!

Actually, I do both. When I wear a helmet, it is only for comfort. The last thing I want to be is a broken up cripple with a functioning mind. On yeah, I guess I'm pretty lucky as I've logged over a million miles in my 47 years of riding. BTW, I rode I-10 across TX and I-40 on the way back with no tickets. One other thing, I'm not STUPID. My choices are my rights, just like you cling to the right to ridicule those who don't share you opinion.
I found My New Friend :D
1 - 3 of 91 Posts
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