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Texas Helmet Law Question

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OK. I'm from Louisiana I meet the Texas requirements to ride without a helmet for age and insurance, but is it legal for me to ride without a helmet.

Someone said I need to have a "no helmet" sticker???

I am at College Station for the week and I rode in. One of my co-works showed up and the local car rental place is "out of cars." I am wondering if we can ride around legally without helmets... or will I get a ticket if he isn't wearing one?

Thanks... Ken
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Lazyrider, you are waisting your time on this...but if you want to have a discussion about it that's fine.
I wear a helmet about 95% of the time, guess I just got used to it. Kentucky didn't have a helmet law when I started riding and I didn't own one, let alone wear one....then KY passed the helmet law and I had to wear they have repealed the law and I feel naked without it....but sometimes still go for a short ride without one....

However, I agree with CHOICE, and if you want to go lidless, have at it, it's your choice, I'll never tell anyone ( other than my kids, how hypocritical is that,but that's a dads right) to wear one or not to...

I wish we all could be more accepital of each other....if I want to NOT wear a helmet,what's it matter to you??? if you want to wear every stitch of protective clothing you can fine, what's it matter to me??? As long as I make the payments on my bike, I should have the say in riding it, dressed like I want ( well clothing is mandatory at my age :lol:) go where I want on it, as far as I want etc....

what's next, red bikes are safer than white ones, so everyone has to ride red bikes????? or and tennis shoes are out too, only heavy boots, and no matching helmets, have to be contrasting colors....or forget the trailers, may cause you to loose control...etc, etc, etc...

Get a grip on it guys, unless he's your child, let him ride the way he wants....dress the way he long as he's doesn't violate the laws...or my eye sight :lol:....

Be safe everyone.
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If we outlawed motorcycles, how many deaths would be reduced?
If you're really serious about reducing the number of deaths caused by riding a motorcycle, I think you would be for outlawing motorcycles altogether....would be a safer world, right?
Might as well outlaw chainsaws, skydiving, scuba, para sailing, rock climbing, motor races totally, all power tools, automobiles, riding mowers, tractors etc....
go back to horses, and slow ones at that....never seen two horses run into each other on the road ( horse racing outlawed, too dangerous)....I know I'm way out there, but we accept the risk of motorcycles and the other things mentioned....please accept me or is that too much to ask? :shrug:

Hvae fun all, while we can.

oh, forget about firearms.....they roam the streets killing people at the time....people never involved, just those darm guns.....;)
Don't forget to outlaw ex-wives, they can be deadly :shock:
I ain't going there....too dangerous!!!!! :eek:4:
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