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Texas Helmet Law Question

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OK. I'm from Louisiana I meet the Texas requirements to ride without a helmet for age and insurance, but is it legal for me to ride without a helmet.

Someone said I need to have a "no helmet" sticker???

I am at College Station for the week and I rode in. One of my co-works showed up and the local car rental place is "out of cars." I am wondering if we can ride around legally without helmets... or will I get a ticket if he isn't wearing one?

Thanks... Ken
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I started to Quote A Bunch of the Nosy Morons the just had to put their worthless And Unwanted Opinions in , instead of Just answering the Mans Question. But their were too many and this post would have been a Page long. Since you find it necessary to Blab your Opinions I figure I might as well do the same.
Here's a Thought for ya.
Maybe My Life just aint that great. I just barely Make it because The cost of everything going up.
If I Crash after 30 years of Riding with out a helmet on, I will Hopefully Die. And Die doing one of the few things I actually Enjoy in life.
Then the insurance will pay off and the family will be doing good.
Now if I Crash with a Helmet on I might live, But with Spinal injuries that leave me a Para or quadriplegic. I can't do the only thing I know how to do in this condition. Thus I would be a Burden to My family and Tax payer.
Cudo's to the ones that can still live in this condition. I couldn't. Well I could Live and Breath but that would be the extent of it.
So I enjoy my Dangerous Bike while riding it the way I want to. Not the way some Nazi Minded moron that feels he has to call everyone that doesn't do everything just like he does Stupid. If there was a Finger Smiley it would be inserted here.
Only reason I wear a helmet is for the headsets. Helmet laws suck!! Freedom of choice. If your'e worried about insurance costs, write a letter and bitch about anti trust laws and over inflated cost and free medical to illegals. Thought the messiah was gonna give us all free medical!yukyukyuk!!!!!
1 - 2 of 91 Posts
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