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Texas Helmet Law Question

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OK. I'm from Louisiana I meet the Texas requirements to ride without a helmet for age and insurance, but is it legal for me to ride without a helmet.

Someone said I need to have a "no helmet" sticker???

I am at College Station for the week and I rode in. One of my co-works showed up and the local car rental place is "out of cars." I am wondering if we can ride around legally without helmets... or will I get a ticket if he isn't wearing one?

Thanks... Ken
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We have a rider about every two weeks who dies on a bike in Houston. There is one common thread for most. No helmet. So I am glad you have been down and have not been killed. I hope your luck holds up.

Let's do a simple test. Take a 20 oz hammer lift it three feet in the air and drop it on your head. You may not die but your skull will be crushed. Now do the same test with a helmet on. You will scratch and possibly dent the helmet. There is a reason car racers, bike racers wear helmets. You can't fix stupid. But that's your choice and your loved ones may have to live with it.
Choosing to ride a motorcycle rather than drive a car is choosing to accept some additional risk.

There is no doubt you are less likely to die of suffer serious injury in a crash if you are wearing a good helmet. Not wearing a helmet is a choice to accept more risk.

You would be much less likely to die of be injured if you were wearing full Kevlar racing gear like the MotoGP guys use. Not wearing it mean you're choosing to accept more risk.

I know guys who won't wear a helmet but wouldn't think of getting on their bike without full leathers.

Not everyones opinion of "acceptable risk" is the same. Just because someone doesn't share your opinion doesn't mean they are stupid.
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