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texas hill country

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what is the normal temp first part of may ? what are some good rideing around there? what are the three sisters? we will be touring around there about a week. let me know about any interesting places. thank you JERRY
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I think all the Texas boys must be out riding.

Hope they can give you some insight soon it sounds like a nice trip!!!!!!!!!
I'll have to guess at temps... I'd say lows in the low 60's and highs in the low to mid 80's. The three sisters are RR 335, 336, and 337. RR 337 is consistently voted the best Hill Country road. You also have 39 out of Kerrville and Hwy 16 from Kerrville to Bandera. If you can get a copy of the latest issue of Ride Texas Magazine, it lists all of the best roads and some "must sees" in the area.
Texas Hill Country

Weather in the Hill Country in May will see averages around 75 for the high and 50's for the lows. May is typically the wettest month. This is Texas though; the saying around here is "if you don't like the weather, wait a little while" (it is gonna change). I have seen temps around the Austin area in May near freezing, cold and wet some years and others hot with temps above 90.
This last week I was stuck at the house (DFW area), unable to get to work Wednesday because of the freezing rain Tuesday night through Wednesday morning. This last Friday (2 days later) I did 281 miles over some of the northern hill country roads with the days high of 78.

The "Three Sisters" are 3 roads, Texas Hwy 337, 335 & 336. Often voted as some of the best riding in Texas.

You asked for info, we have a bike magazine published here called Ride Texas. They do a reader poll every year of the best of Texas and surrounding areas.

I am going to just list the best of the Hill Country and you can do your research from there. There is so much to do and see, so many things going on, so many places to eat and visit, it would be impossible to do it justice here. (I am listing from the top down, and remember, these are rider picks, not editors or authors and there is no paid advertisement.)

Best Roads
FM337, RM 335, TX16, RM336 (notice the Three Sisters are in the first 4) Willow City Loop (if you like wild flowers, this is the road) US281, FM1431 (tow to cedar park), FM 1050 Utopia to Garner State Park, TX 39 Ingram, FM 1340 (Kerrville to Tx41)

Best Hang Out

Frio Canyon Motorcycle Shop (Leakey), Luckenbach, 11th Street Cowboy Bar (Bandera), Arkey Blues (Bandera), Gruene Hall (Gruene, BTW - if you like to dance, this is the place)

Best Small Town

Leakey, Bandera, Luckenbach, Fredericksburg, Kerrville, Camp Wood, Medina, Blanco, Marble Falls, Wimberley

Favorite Places to ride to

Luckenbach, The Three Sisters, Enchanted Rock State Park, Frio Canyon Motorcycle Stop, Lone Star Motorcycle Museum (Vanderpool just off 337, great old bikes that are in great shape), Garner State Park, Willow City Loop, Love Creek Orchards (Cider Mill restaurant), Leaky

Favorite Places to Stay

D'Rose Inn (this is a bike resort), Camp Live Oak, The Legends Inn, Y-O Ranch Hotel, Full Moon Inn

Best Grub

Cooper's BBQ (people travel from all over the country with this place as a destination) Llano, Bent Rim Grill Leaky, Bluebonnet Cafe Marble Falls, Nena's Cafe leaky, Lost Maple's Cafe Utopia

Understand that is just a very small sampling of the places to go, things to see, food to eat, people to meet and things to do. It is very easy to spend an entire weekend in Fredericksurg and not be able to take it all in. There is almost always a car show, rodeo, bike show and a music festival going on some where. You have to want to be bored in the Hill Country.

If you have not been down this way before you might want to look into the River Walk in San Antonio and the Bob Bullock Museum, SoCo and 6th street in Austin.

Watch out for the deer; counted 12 fresh kill and 1 dead hog on the 25 mile stretch between Blanco and Luckenbach last May. It is not a good idea to ride early or late in that part of the country because of the wild life.
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Excellent reply bingle50.

To add, I would suggest the Devil's Backbone - RR12 near Wimberly
Bingle pretty much said it all. There are also plenty of roads not so popular that are a blast to ride on.

Oh yea the deer are VERY Bad here. Would not be on the back roads after about a 1/2 hour before sundown. They like to graze beside the road, look up at ya when they hear ya then jump right out and commit Bambi Suicide.

Dumbest animals I have ever seen!:rolleyes: But don't let them discourage you from ridin here, I think when God rides his bike its through the Texas Hill Country! He planned it that way!:yes1:
For mb8711:

There is a motorcycle magazine called Ride Texas as has been mentioned.
Their latest issue (March) tells about TOP TEN in Texas, Readers'
Choice Awards. And...they even have it broken down this year by
regions! A very good motorcycle magazine and an excellent review
in this March issue.

Address: Ride Texas
PO Box 90374
Austin, TX 78709

Phone: (866) 418-5552

Ditto what is already said about the deer. I wouldn't ride close to dusk or dawn and if you do go slow and be on the lookout. I have had some
close encounters with the car.

Hope this helps.

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Check out the weather history at for historic and average temperatures for any area you are interested in ...(I think its in the trip planning section)..
This is probably what you're looking for. :lol:

If you are in the Hill Country, you are on a great ride! :thumbup: But go in the early spring or late fall, it does get HOT in the summer!

Did I say it gets hot in the summer!!:redface:
ride texas

Hey Jerry, I am from minnesota, been riding here all winter. Its generally been 70-80, but I am in the rio grande valley, Mcallen. Was going to mention the magazine "Ride Texas" march 2009 issue has an excellent ride guide in it 110 best roads, 110 top small towns 7 maps sectioning texas out. Might see if you can get a copy, try
very good stuff, hope it helps, have fun, Vern B
Thanks for posting the site GunShot10. We are heading down to Fredericksburg/Kerrville on Mar 28-30. This site will be very helpful to us. We've not been in that area and need as much info as we can get. I haven't found a place to stay yet, any suggestions from the locals down there?
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