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For some unknown reason, the wrought iron table that sits in our "mudroom" jumped out in front of my left foot today.

It weighs around 40 pounds, but I still managed to kick it about 3 feet.

After using every foul word I had learned over the last 59 years, I finally got the courage up to take my sock off.

My middle toe was bent 90 degrees overlapping my 2 small toes. While it was still numb, I had my wife bend it back straight and tape it to the next toe.

The steel toe work boots are not going feel good tomorrow. But thanks to floorboards and heel/toe shifter, I'm planning to ride to work in the morning.

I knew there was a reason to spend $400 for them..................

O.K. .... I know somebody's going to tell me I should wear those steel toe boots around the house.......Go ahead, I deserve it..........
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