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I am taking some time to write this, as I want it to come out correctly and not open for interpretation nor controversy.

This is my 9000 post. Probably 8999 have been less than helpful or meaningful. No matter!

9000 posts on the HDL board. What does that mean to me? A lot!

Hal provided this board to me and anybody else that wanted to join in. Many are still here, some are not, and some have been invited to leave. Sounds like normal life to me.

This board has provided a medium for me to communicate with folks all over the globe. What an opportunity for me! Because of this board, I have learned more about myself, my hobby and my goals in life. I have made friendships that will last the duration of my life. It just don't get any better or easier than this, just because of this board. Many folks are responsible for helping me get to where I am.

Hal Greenlee: Entrepreneur, businessman, friend. Through the years I have become a friend to and of Hal. It was easy to do. Be honest, be fair and Hal will embrace anyone. Thanks Hal, for your friendship! Through Hal, came many others that I hold High on the good list. Lamont, Chris, Mia, Don and others. Thanks for being whom you are. I am proud to know you all. You all do what is right for us, the customer and enthusiast. It don't get any better than this.

Many would say that there is a clique, the group, the fair haired boys etc. If in fact it is true, I stand convicted, make no excuses and sit here in wonderment. In everything that we do, we have our favorite Sons. If you want to get on the list, work for it. If it bothers you, you don't have a lot to worry about in life. Get over it!

Other folks that are Vendors as well as a friend, due only to this board. There are many and I won't be able to get them all in.

The Fonz: Lewis at Electrical Connections. Lewis is like a brother to me, Although some times I want to Father him a bit..LOL I can always count on Lewis for just about anything. We hold no secrets and we work well together. Hell I have a Brother in real life and I don't know his address. Not so with Lewis, Carol or Chloe.

The Trailer Nazi: John Preston: What can be said about John. If he doesn't know you at all, you are his friend. If you dislike him, insult him and egg him on, he is your friend. So me being a true friend of his, where do I stand? Nuff said! Having John, Sally and Andrew as my friends can only be a great thing for me. Thank you guys for everything.

Jon Sargeant, Fred Harmon, Jim Mick, Bill Murphy, Sue Hopper, Tom Finch et al. It has been fun over the years. If not for this board, our paths might never have crossed. Damn, I am glad that we had this board to match us up and enhance my life!

My Cats-Cade Committee members. Jeepers when you think of it, the Cats-Cade event is an extension of this board and because of this board.

CJ, my main man. I think that CJ does more than I do to bring Cats-Cade about. Webmaster, organizer, chaplain, psychologist, go to guy, and anything that comes in between.

Hedo, photographer, project manager and Ambassador.

Soloquest: Entertainment, entertaining, photographer, Ambassador.

Ross & Joyce: Whatever it takes! (Becky and Rich) fall right in.

MikeL & Sherry: Oil changer, confidant, friends!

Punkinwing & Sassy: Tires, admin and bungee cord testers.

Rose & Marlin: The biggest secret at Cats-Cade. Never in the front, but always ready to pick up on anything that needs to happen.

Mesquite Bob: I ain't got to say a word here! You're the best!

Toyo & Krista: Best cooks and food organizers in Woodbourne. Krista Leads and Toyo follows. Someone has to be in charge. I think we picked the leader..LOL

Ronnie Alpster: Owner operator of the underground restaurant with a Cajun flare. Also, fish thinner and friend of the pond!

Ron Bien: Who? Like a shadow, he was there! Even without the Sun. Ron is without a doubt, the most can do that, guy I have ever met.

Matt from somewhere(LOL), Bill Koehler, Radar Contact, your contributions so that so many could enjoy.

Dennis Hume, Dot & Todd, The Admiral and the Squid(RND), and so many more, thank you for your contributions. And to think that it is all because of this board.

All of the participants of Cats-Cade. Without you, there would be no Cats-Cade, of which I derive so much pleasure and fun. Without this board, there would be no Cats-Cade.

Yes this board has changed my life. If not for this board, I would probably not know any of you, and to me, that would be a huge loss.

To everyone from this board that I have been able to interact with I thank you for the opportunity. It has been a fun ride, and the ride Ain't over just yet!

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although our interactions have only come on this board, some PMs and one phone call I have enjoyed and benefitted from getting to know you within these limitations. I'm always amazed at how much we can get from the simple use of a computer that only a few short years ago would have been impossible. I have met scores of people through this board, in person, and by the written word. Some of it has been interesting, :D :D

You Bulldog have been first rate.

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9000 post

Are you sure you have 9000 post I dont see how it is possible , I dont think it can be done , I need you to explain how you did it . ?????????????lol . ( this may be the response you could get from the ALL KNOWING)

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Very nice heartfelt post Bulldog.

Meeting new folks and making friends is a big reason many of us join a board like this.

I'll be meeting a group from this board next Saturday for a ride. I've never met them in person but know them here in the forums. I'm hoping to create friendships much like you have.

I've enjoyed reading your posts and chatting with you and the others last night in the chat room. I'm looking to meeting up with you some day.
Hopefully at Cats Cade.

Take care

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Bulldog was responsible for me having my 04 Wing when he convinced me (via many phone calls from this total stranger at the time) that it was safe to buy a wing thru Hal’s Shadyside Ohio store. My local dealer wanted thousands more (more than I could afford) and frankly it was great riding it back across the country. But the bottom line was, none of the incredible riding experiences I’ve had over the last few years would have been possible without his help. The world’s a better place for ya buddy. Thanks. See you and the gang in June…and again in July in CO.

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9000 for Bulldog

I too very much apprecate (and strive to reciprocate) the kindness, hospitality and friendship Luther and Michelle have always extended me.

Be that as it may.............I prefer to think of Bulldog as a "rough- diamond", rather than a "diamond-in-the-rough". He is quite a guy, a pleasure to know and be around and along with Mesquite Bob, a guarenteed "Top Ten" contender in my annual 'Man Of The Year" contest.
And as for Meesh...............

Meesh for President.

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I don't often post,,but follow the board daily. I have always been truly amazed at Bulldog's posts. Never "jumps down the throat" of any of the posters and always seemed to be a true gentleman. I also pay attention to the folks on your list (am always amazed at the promptness and time of Lewis/EC posts). Although y'all have cost me many dollars for stuff you say I need, I do pay attention. Thanks Bulldog,,hope you have 9000 more.

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Bulldog, That speech has made me ferclempt. I'll try to type woth the tears on the keyboard. You are a great friend to all. Your big heart has made many strangers feel like friends. Just remember just about a year or so ago, when you picked Mabel as a , so to speak, project. We on the board fell lock step behind you to help someone in need. You are one of a kind and we sure appreciate you. Thanks

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Who coulda thunk it. A couple of years ago I thought I was just buying a new Goldwing. Little did I know that with it came the chance to meet the Bulldog and the great bunch of people on this forum that I have met and can now call friends.

Goldwing $17,000
Accessories $xx,xxx (my wife's watching)
Several trips to Woodbourne $doesn't matter
A few nights in the Red Roof parking lot and a few Coronas $$$$xxx.xx
Sleeping in Bulldog's garage $$XXXX.XX

Knowing Bulldog ............. Priceless.

Glad to know ya Dawg. Equally glad to know Meesh. What a couple. WOW

By the way, I still want to know who that tall skinny guy is in your avatar. Before I met you I was sure it was you.

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Bulldog, you are an asset to this board in my opinion. I have had the pleasure of meeting most of those you listed and agree they are some mighty fine people. Keep on posting :lol: :wink:
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