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I was amazed at how many people responded to my request for help in selecting a trike. The amount of detail and various perspectives provided me with everything I needed. Although it would have been great to have the factory make the conversion, I spent some time at some dealerships and found one that was very good based on time in the business, quality and quantity of work, and their "personality", real trike people. So, I bought a 2009 Gold Wing Blk Cherry and Trike Traders in Kissimmee is installing a CSC Cobra with EZ steer, fully adjustable rear shock, aux gas tank, performance brakes, ground effects, progressive front springs and a few other options. Can't wait to take delivery at end of February.

A special thanks to "Beastie", "Forever Young" and "Crucible-Trike"; your private messages were much appreciated and extremely useful information. You didn't have to take the time for me, but you did. Above and beyond in my book! Hope to see you all "down the road" somewhere.

Best Regards,
Phil Turner

Hi Phil.

That's great. Now...come meet us in Foley for the Lower Alabama Trike gathering in late March.

:popcorn: :doorag:
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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