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Just got back from a week of golf in central florida.(Mission Inn,Howie in the Hills)Picked a few parts for my 01 black,great prices!Awesome weather,and now it's about 25 back in ontario canada.Driving the golf cart between tees a couple days ago,a locust did a head on with my forehead,makes me wonder what that feels like for those that ride helmetless at 55 mph?
Talked to a couple of riders at a shop in Leesburg,nice friendly folks in your lovely state,thanks for shareing your country with us and for all the extra security on our flight there and back :)
Ric and Sue

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Glad you enjoyed your stay. Come on back when you have a chance, bring the scooter with you! :)

Speaking of bugs. How would you like to have a monster grasshopper up your nose at 100mph? I coughed and gagged for a hour! :( That was on SR50 not that far from where you were staying. We have some huge flying critters down here. LOL...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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