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I found myself in a somewhat sentimental mood today and was thinking about all of the information I have learned from this site (and it's predessor)
- windshields (I got a C Bailey's)
- how to manage the bike's temperature when it starts to OH (came in very handy last summer before the fix)
- how to set the cruise control
- seat info (I bought a Diamond vinyl covered)
- mic-o pegs for leg comfort
- MBL risers
- tires (I run Metzlers)
- info on the frame crack and how/where to check the cross member
- Fred Harmon's great maintenence info and pics, like brake/clutch fluid change, air filter change, etc
- now I'm learning about rain suit options
- good prices and service from HDL
- and fun and comraderie reading everyones posts.

I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone on this board for your generosity and sharing. It is valuable information that continues to make my riding experience much, much better than it would be if I were left to fend for myself. Thanks.
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