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is to dump it into the bathtub for a few hours but with what soap? My son used it to 4 wheel all day today. In the mid-seventies with a ton of dust in the air.. yep its not fit for man or beast. Would like to keep it for another year. Its a Shoei wih a fixed liner for that matter and no spray and scent is going to work here, it needs a bath.

To clean the helmet (I have a built in intercom) I leave the side connector on Its waterproof anyway, put plactic bag over the end, and the mic.
Remove the speakers, they have little clips.
Then in the dish washer it goes.
Yes I said Dishwasher
Regular cycle, no heat dry with 1/2 the amount of soap/cleaner.
Be SURE you use NO HEAT DRY, or the heat could melt some of the plastics on the helmet.

For intermediate cleanings... I found something else.
Fresh N Clean Oxy Stain Odor Eliminator. ... e&n=284507[/url]

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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