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I just do my tire talk down here for the most part, don't want to make the natives restless. :lol:

The pros and cons of the BT021-120, here goes.

First lets clarify that the BT021-120 is a MT made for the front of a MC, good now we can talk.

First thing is the BT021-120 is a calculated .56 diameter shorter than the 130. This means I can't put it up on the center stand anymore without putting a 2X6X6 underneath the rear tire, also makes it harder to get my lift underneath but it will fit with some extra shove (yes I had the rear shock up on 25). So out comes the 2X6X6 for the rear tire to sit on which makes putting the wing on the center stand a breeze. Real piece a cake. Not only that but I can slip the lift under with no problem at all. As an added bonus I have enough room to slip a small piece of wood between the lift pad and the bottom of the engine so the lift pad will not rest on the left side exhaust pipe. If I go back to the 130 tire I will probably put the rear tire on a 2X6X6 first. After five hernia surgery's (and two other surgery's) you prefer to do any lifting the easiest way possible. Anyway I look at it it's been a good day.

P.S. Did you notice how I never said the word wood, didn't want to get zboy excited. :lol:
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