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The Very First Crotch Rocket!!!

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The reason they call a certain style of bikes "crotch rockets" dates back to this bike, which has a V-8 engine and was clocked at 136.4 mph in 1907... and on a beach no less (Ormond Beach near Daytona)!!!!

Riding this bike to that speed proves that Glenn Curtiss had an enormous set of brass cojones... which probably required a larger than normal crotch... hence the nom de guerre

The real bike is at the Smithsonian... there's also a full scale recreation (shown here) at the Glenn Curtiss Museum in Hammondsport, NY
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Looks like the first Boss Hoss too :lol: I went over 80 MPH once on a Goldwing on the interstate. :oops: That is all I can brag to.

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