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The Wabash Canon Ball Bridge St. Francisville, Illinois

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I live in Southwest Indiana and there is this old bridge that crosses the Wabash River in an area south of Old Vincennes and North of New Harmony (their bridge is now closed). This bridge is over 100 years old and runs quite a distance. It uses 6' deep timber beams with wooden planks running vertically and are only 30" wide and run so close to the guard rail. I would like to reach a consensus of how many of you would actually attempt to cross this bridge on your Goldwing with a co-rider? Has anyone actually done it and does anyone have any tips on how to transverse this bridge. I also think that it might not be possible for a Trike. Here's a link to the YouTube video.

View video of this bridge
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I did cross the bridge years ago on a Suzuki Madura 1200, my wife got so nervous she made me stop and she walked the rest of the way. I am not sure what is the present state of the bridge, (she said she would never do that again) at at time it was wood planks in both the tire paths with some missing. I have heard that it is in better shape now than in the past and cars trucks and tractors do still cross it. Good Luck.
I have done it twice on my old 1500 but never with a rider and I would not do it with a rider even on my new wing.
It looks worse when you are on a bike..........


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there is a bridge like that about 70 miles from here, i have riden across it many times without any problems, always feel plenty safe on it, about all i can say is if it makes you uncomfortable don't do it and for sure not with a passenger :thumbup:
I would want to drive over that bridge first to make sure the boards are in place and not cupped too badly . Then I would ride over it. The trick would be to look where you want to go.
If you head east you can try another one. Here is a video courtesy of Bald Eagle from the 2008 Apple-Cade:

This bridge is located just south of Oldtown MD and is the only privately owned toll bridge in the country, or so I hear.

We had around a dozen bikes cross the bridge that day. We were two up on two wheels and my only hope was that everyone kept moving and didn't stop too soon at the other end. The Wing is an incredibly stable machine but there is no time for sight seeing while making that crossing.
this somewhat similar bridge looks challenging

the entire trip is posted here, so far i've only read as far as page 250 , the video is on page 233 post#3490, the guy started riding less than a year before the video
Zville I was on that ride. Wheels was the leader and paid all the tolls.
Old Fred
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