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The following are things I have learned since buying a wing. Feel free to add to.

Ride: As in “Let’s go for a ride” varies by location.
SW: Let us don our anti dehydration gear and see if we can survive heat not fit for mankind to prove that we ride all year round. Discussions are centered on whether the 128oz or 256oz Butler is best.
NW: It might be possible to actually clock some miles if it isn’t too rainy, too foggy, too wet, too icy, too snowy, or too sleety.
MidW: I have lost my last shred of sanity from PMS and am willing to risk everything.
NE: Let us venture into our playground of traffic and fear the places where stars can be see at night.
Florida: I am old and senile and willing to accept death by boredom from either sitting at stoplights or driving on flat straight roads. Will also accept death from dehydration.
N GA/TN/NC/KY: Let’s go for a rip.

Rip: As in “N GA/TN/NC/KY Ride”: A minimum of 400 miles through terrain with corners posted at greater not greater than 30 mph. Additional requirements are no shoulders and no guardrails.

Pace: When asked “At what pace do you ride?” is the same as dropping the handkerchief, a slap on the face with a glove, or the laying down of the gauntlet. This discussion is usually followed by the exchange of ICE information, next of kin, and last will and testament.

Fool or an Idiot: Is someone who does not ride their ride.

Spirited: As in Spirited Ride or Pace: Means that you are SOL if you don’t have good tires, good brakes, suspension modifications, and full body armor. The more spirited the ride with Trialsman, the better the chance of seeing his brake lights.

Keep it under 10: Means not to exceed the speed limit by more that 10 mph. This only applies when the posted speed is 55 and the fastest corner is posted at no more than 25 mph.

Oops: Means you are a Fool or an Idiot that went on a rip at a spirited pace. However, this opportunity affords a one time spectacular view of the mountains.
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