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Took my Pirelli in to the M/C shop to have it put on. Since I was a new customer they did it while I waited. They have a very nice $3500.00 machine to do this with. Cost was $35.00. After installing it they let me know putting that tire on was a two man job. Think I got my money's worth.

Years ago I worked at a Yamaha shop, some of those ATV tires were a two man job but they didn't have the fancy machine these people had.

Still evaluating my Pirelli. Since I got laid off I haven't been riding as much but I'm planning on doing at least a one tank a gas to get there (where ever that is) and another tank to get back. I need to get out of here before I go stir crazy.

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Welcome to the DARKSIDE....... :flg:
Don't forget to get your # an Decal....


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