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Two middle age guys spent the morning getting ready to go. One guy watched the news, changed the A/C filter in the house, and washed the car. The other guy was trying to hook up his black and orange 6 thousand dollar trailer. This occurred after a hurried trip to the hardware store to buy a bolt cutter. He had used that trailer 8 months ago, and could not understand why the key was missing. While backing the new F-250 he could not take a chance at damaging the license tag that said, “Hog-wild.” He threw it in park and headed toward the house. His wife was inside trying the fit in last years leathers. She was stressed. “Hog-Wild” said, “I need you to come out and give me a spot.” He could tell by the look on her face that she was just not into it this, and that really “made him mad.”
They both pulled away from their houses in South Georgia about the same time. It took the wing riders longer than normal because she had to run back in the house and grab her book. The wife came out of the house, she had two bottles of water, set them in the cup holders and stepped on to the bike. She plugged in the intercom and said, “hit it big boy.” He chuckled and the bike pulled away without any drama. Every time he rides it, he thinks just how smooth the thing is. The air was crisp, Backland Turner Overdrive was playing on the stereo, and they both were taping their feet. After about 20 miles they were in North Florida, “headed south.” Up ahead was a beautiful black on black truck and trailer, “everything matched.” The whole outfit was about 60 grand. In the truck was two slightly overweight, more than slightly grumpy middle age Americans. “The rider remembered how he used to pull his polished and pampered Hog to different places, but now they ride a wing.” They were running about 60 miler per hour. He downshifted the “wing,” rolled on the throttle and went from 65 to 80 in a couple of seconds and breezed by the “hog-wild” rig. “No drama.” He took the water bottle from the cup holder and took a swig, and sang along with the song “Fly Like An Eagle.” The wife said, “you had to do that, didn’t you.” He said, “yea, but only because I can.” Well, about 30 minutes later, after some lunch and a fill up, “$5.30 for gas.” The Hog-Wild crew was pulling into the same station. The wing pulled out with only a whisper, the rider waved at the rig but recieved no reply.
While the big guy was putting in $30 dollars in gas, he noticed a large rock chip in the trailer. This just really topped of an already stressful day. The wing riders pulled into Daytona Beach, drove straight to the hotel and parked right up front without anyone noticing. He glanced at the odometer and noticed it had rolled over 45 thousand. He thought to himself that, it will need new tires soon, the “third set.” “No drama.” Nothing else had been done to the bike, it rode like it did on “day one.” The hog-wild rig arrived at the same hotel about an hour later. They were not happy with having to park the big-rig across the street. The wife mumbled, “this is stupid.” She said, “lets go check in.” He said, “no, lets unload the bike first.” She said “why.” He said, “that’s a dumb question.” She knew that it was because he wanted everyone to see his bike.
The rider was watching them from the window of the hotel. He could see the drama unfolding. After opening the trailer, the rider could see the taillight barely glowing. “Hoggy” had left the key on. “The battery was dead.” After his old lady gave him a push, the thing fired up. All style points were lost at this point. The rider could hear the bike running through the glass of the hotel. The big guy was revving it over and over, while the wife just looked on with no expression. It had every chrome option know to “man kind,” and some that should be “unknown.”
Later that evening, both couples were in front of the hotel preparing to ride to dinner. The riders had on jeans. The Hog-Wild crew had on a thousand dollars of tasseled, leathers and chaps, hiding a tee-shirt that said, “If you can read this the #@** fell off.” The riders were on the bike and away with without any drama. The Hoggers took ten minutes to load. “She had to give him another push.” As the riders drove away he couldn’t help but think, that might not even be a Harley after all, it could be a Suzuki or something. “Go figure.”
The next day when they were leaving the beach, the rider said, “you want to ride somewhere next weekend,” the wife put her arms around the waist and said “sure.” They pulled away, no body noticed, “no drama.”
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