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I just got this e-mail concerning Oklahoma's helmet law.

Okay, Folks--It looks like the opening salvo of the battle has been
fired! Rep. Skye McNiel (R-Tulsa) (Oklahoma House Assistant Majority
Whip--House District 29) has just filed a bill, HB1539, and the
verbiage will strike the words "under 18 years of age" so Title 47
will mandate UNIVERSAL HELMET WEAR for ALL riders in Oklahoma. Check
out the excerpt of HB1539 on the Oklahoma Legislative Website if you
want--it's listed below for you to research, but it's pretty a simple
action. One sentence is stricken from the Title 47 statute, and we
all lose our Freedom of Choice. I've forwarded the information on to
Holly Swinford, our Political Director, and she'll send out a
Legislative Update as soon as she finds out more definitive
information. Charlie Williams, our ABATE Communications Director,
also has a meeting with Oklahoma's new House Speaker, scheduled for
next week. However, THIS IS NO DRILL--it's a real threat we'll have
to meet head-on and defeat. It does look like we have our work cut
out for us, and it definitely increases tenfold the importance for as
many as are able to attend the ABATE Legislative Breakfast on
Thursday, March 1, 2007, from 7:30AM until 10:30AM at the State
Capitol Fourth Floor Rotunda--we need HUNDREDS of concerned
motorcyclists to swarm the State House and network with their
legislators. Remember, it doesn't matter how you feel about Helmet
Wear--this is about Freedom of Choice or adult riders in our state
vs. profit-mongering interests in Oklahoma and nationwide who care
NOTHING about your safety! They're employing politicians to curtail
your right to decide for yourself whether or not to wear a Helmet,
and putting that power in the hands of the Government! If you care at
all about the continued erosion of your Personal Freedoms, PLEASE get
the word out to all Oklahoma motorcyclists and other Freedom-loving
citizens in the Sooner State, and urge them to contact their State
Representatives and Senators and request that HB 1539 be defeated.
Thanks very much to those sharp-eyed folks out there for notifying
me, take care of yourselves this weekend as our Oklahoma Snowstorm
approaches, and I'll keep you updated as I receive more information.
We're expecting 8-12 inches of snow in Oklahoma this weekend, but the
thunderclouds of another storm, a political one, are gathering. I'm
confident that, with your help, we can achieve the victory together
and send HB 1539 to the trashcan where it belongs. Thanks for
listening, stay warm and safe, and I'll see you on the Road.

In Liberty,
Tiger Mike Revere
State Coordinator,
ABATE of Oklahoma, Inc."
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