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Joy and I got home last weekend from the Three Flags Classic. All told it was about 4K miles with lots of smiles. It was our first but we got a lot of good tips that helped a lot. Sent our entry in last November and learned that we had been picked in January. Then it was the long wait for September.

The worst part was the first 2 miles trying to get back into the USA at the border in Tijuana. At 3 am we were in the first pack out of the hotel and got in line behind 3 lanes of cars almost one mile long. WHAT A ZOO !!!

Local knowledge help a lot when 299 was closed at Big Bar, due to a fire, and we could not go directly to the check point at Willow Creek. We took a forrest service road that saved a lot of time. You would not believe the things people did to get around it. We got to sleep in our own bed in Eureka that night.

Joy was one of only 16 women riders, the oldest one being 80 years old. The oldest male was 90 !!!!

Had a great time and we are already talking about next year.
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