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Just wanted to say thanks to those who provided details and info on how to get the slack out of my throttle grip travel length. I actually with some discomfort was able to get it done. Not a lot of room to work. Also greatly improved the cruise lag I had as well. I hit cruise set now, and almost instantly it kicks in. Very nice.

I probably can final adjust the throttle slack at the throttle adjuster now. What an amazing difference. Instant reaction now, of course it took a while to get used to.

Brother-in-law and wives rode along the Mississippi River yesterday, and so i also adjusted the newly installed speedo and odometer corrector device from Dakota Digital. Works great, just need to remember to not drive 7mph over the speedometer reading. That took some time to get used to.

We stopped and ate supper at the the Stone Barn Pizza in rural Nelson, WI. Great pizza, cold beer and brings back memories of growing up on a farm.

Once again, thanks to all as usual for your great help.

Wisredrider :excited:
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