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Does anyone here have experience with the relatively new Tilting Motorworks Reverse Trike kits?

I'm looking at converting a 2014-2017 Ultra Limited or a 2012-2017 Wing to replace the front wheel assembly with a TWW kit involving two front wheels. The feature I like about TMW is the entire bike still tilts b/c the front wheels tilt when turning. The only online discussions I've seen are sponsored by TMW or its dealers and I'm looking for some user feedback.

I already own a 2012 Airbag model Wing so I'm leaning toward a 2014-2017 Ultra Limited since the trike is for my g/f to ride or for us to use to ride 2-up.

I don't need any comments on differences between Ultra Limiteds and/or Wings as I already have experience owning both at the same time.

Anyone have experience, good or bad, with TMW trikes?
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