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After installing amp and 4 polks from E/C I missed some bass.
I realiesed that the 4,5" speakers would not give it to me.
I found an old subwoofer with built in amp 40W from one of my cars in the garage.
This made all the difference.
I don´t know if this one is still on the market (Pioneer TS-LX40) but I supose a similar will do the job.
This one is about L=12" W=8" H=2,5" and easily remowed from the trunk with two connectors.
I connected the sub´s input cannels from rearspeaker out from the amp. I tried alot of settings before I found the right sound.
The trick is to set the bass on the radio quite low to avoid distorsion in the polks.
Set the output level just below half on the amp to be able to use most of the wolume range 1-30.
Now I can adjust the amount of bass through the fader between front and rear.
Now I got what I wanted. :lol:

Don´t forget to fill the pods with speakerfiller. Big difference
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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