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When you put these on you bike be sure before you do that you put a better valve stem on before. Today while riding with the wife the frt tire went flat looked at the tire no problem looked at the valve stem and you could see a crack in it right at the rim. Spent most of the day trying to get home.

Tried the Gold Book of the Gwrra and no one was home and all of the Honda shops were trying to close and offered no help. So if you are in the Southern part of In don't have a flat on Sat. Because you are out of luck around the Washington Area.

Called a friend that has a trailer and he came and got the trike and us and now the bike is in the garage waiting to get the tire off the bike. The lucky thing is that we are going out of state next week and no one was hurt and the bike is still looking good.

Now this is how you can spend a great day with the wife with no TV no books and just you and her and a great deal of people stopping to see if they could help.

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