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For the same tire, Honda will tell you to run 36/41. Bridgestone, however, recommends 41/41. :?

Avon said 38psi was "low tire pressure". They recommended 41. :shrug:

I figure anywhere between Honda's and the tire manufacturer's recommendation and you'll be fine. Adjust as you see fit within that range depending on how much weight you're carrying around and your personal preferences.

In the owners’ manual for my VTX it stated that the tire pressure should be maintained at about 36 psi for both front and rear. However, on the VTXOA and VTXCafe sites many suggested to run 40 psi in both tires… Providing longer tire life, better handling, etc.
The GW manual has the recommended tire pressure at 36 psi front and 41 psi rear. Is this okay or does the same hold true for the GW tires as it was suggested for the VTX... increase the PSI?
If so, then what is the “recommended” tire pressure for the benefits?
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