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For the same tire, Honda will tell you to run 36/41. Bridgestone, however, recommends 41/41. :?

Avon said 38psi was "low tire pressure". They recommended 41. :shrug:

I figure anywhere between Honda's and the tire manufacturer's recommendation and you'll be fine. Adjust as you see fit within that range depending on how much weight you're carrying around and your personal preferences.
Bridgestone, Dunlop, and John who lives down the street, can all tell you what ever they want on tire pressures. When it comes to accountability, the DOT (the Federal Agency that oversees that information) holds the manufacture of the vehical accountable for proper air pressure recommendations and only them.

The proper answer to this question is to read your owners manual or the sticker in the trunk for that information. Federal law requires it be posted on the vehical and in the owners manual so there is never confusion for the consumer.

A cold pressure reading is a tire sitting at least 4 hours and not driven more then 1 mile.
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