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I checked the section profiles of my used rear Bridgestone tire compared to my new rear Dunlop. I could not quite measure the full width of the Dunlop as the profilometer ran out of travel.

The used Bridgestone profile was traced from the profilometer in black. The blue profilometer just came off the Dunlop. A big difference for sure.

This has a big impact on handling as the tire contact patch moves laterally across this wide tire. A flat wide tire requires more effort to initiate a turn and more lean angel to corner at the same rate than a tire with more curvature.

The center of gravity of you and the bike must move to the inside of a curve more than the contact patch shifts in order to corner the bike. The result is that you and the bike must lean more with a wide flat tire.

I sure like the improved handling of new tires.


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