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Tire Question

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Taking my 1500 trike in on the 16th to Have a Michelin Pilot Activ installed on the front. Rear tire mounted backwards was the dealers suggestion wonder what everyone else was doing here?. This dealers advice has been good so far just kind of had me wondering and besides it is raining here in Southern Illinois and I am bored.:shrug:
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That's kinda like asking which oil to use here!:popcorn: Now, having said that, That is how I run mine (came that way from PO).

There are two schools of thought on this subject. Some believe it to be true, and some think it is total hogwash to run the tire backwards.

I haven't had any problems, and I have gone thru some frog stranglers. Try it for yourself. If you don't like the way it handles, have it turned to roll in the "correct" rotation.


I have one in the reverse rotation, a friend has one in the correct rotation. Not a nickels worth of difference.
My first MPA I had mounted reverse but then I put the wheel on backwards, so the tire was running forward. (I don't have ABS) I didn't notice anything for a couple weeks. Then I went to check the air and the valve stem was on the right (wrong) side. I took the wheel off and reversed it so it was not reversed and then the tire was.

I hope this helped.
There are many posts here on this subject. Most reverse the tire, some don't. Motor Trike recommends the tire be reversed. They say reversed gives better front tire breaking.

I was born and raised in Benton.
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