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I ride all year around EXCEPT:
1. In thunderstorm with lightning, unless unavoidable.
2. Icy roads.
3. Snowy roads

During winter here in Eastern NC, it gets to be below freezing by the time I get off work @midnight, like this week.

I don't mind getting suited up to ride but, I forgot to hook my heater wires after paint job so, unless it's above @40 and higher, my Tundra is my best friend.😁😎 heat ALWAYS work🤙

I've ridden down to 24 degrees one night, without heated gloves. So happens that night, my bike's heat didn't work at all.

My finger tips were VERY cold, even with fleece lined Gerbing gloves, not powered up, just from the wind.

I'm definitely going to hook the wiring back up this weekend. At least I have a choice to ride or not, irregardless of how cold after work...not, works NOT fun but, riding to and from work is on my bike🤠😎
1 - 1 of 25 Posts