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Just got home a little while ago with a "never been pulled before" HF trailer!

The couple who bought it last January never used it and placed it up for sale on C.L.

He had done the assembly, greased the bearings, and installed the LED lighting kit. Has current registration and plates.

Sales price asked? $200 Went over to their home on the way home from work with 4 $50 bills, signed the transfer papers, and hooked it up to the bike - and away we went.

Only one downside. Bike: 5 pin round connector. Trailer: 4-pin flat

Oopsie. Will have to figure out a solution.

Now, I still plan on moving on to the single-wheel GW-styled trailer being worked on by one of our board members, but, hey - it gets me going on trailering, and I can always re-sell it when the time comes.
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