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There is the "top shelter," the "dash" and the "meter panel."

When I had Traxxion do my suspension, one of the upgrades was to install the "All Balls" in the steering head. They did not remove the top shelter. Towerhog might be right, but the '06-'09 should be the same.

Once you remove the dash, the meter panel bolts should be removed. You do really have to disconnect the meter panel from the wiring harness. Once the bolts are removed, you can use a bungie cord to hold the meter panel up out of the way by looping op over your windshield. Put a towel over the top of the shield to prevent any scratches.

This thread will help you remove your dash:

As for replacing the steering head bearing, take a good look at this info from Fred Harmon. It will give you the needed information, although when he did this it was on an older model bike. Very similar though.

If you do have to remove the top shelter, follow these instructions. They will help a lot. Here is one tip. Get yourself a "fine point" Sharpie permanent marker. When you remove the trim strips to get to all the bolts, number the bolts 1-6 starting at the lowest point. Do this for both sides. They are different lengths and you want to put them back in the correct place. Goldwing/Top Shelters Removal/

Take you time and good luck.
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