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Plans are already underway for the 2007 Torches Across America ride. Go to for details.

In September 2006 twenty-five motorcyclists rode from Oceanside to NYC in memory honor and support of 9/11 victims, first responders, military families and personnel. Along the way many joined the ride, though few were.

This ride has been organized so that we do not forget September 11, 2001. It is also to honor and support our first responders throughout the country.

As the ride progresses across the US riders join up outside their cities and participate in the ride for the period of time they can.

If you can't make the entire ride (September 1 through September 11th) take a look at the itinerary and see where it will be in your area. Each rider pays their own way - there are no fees involved. No one will ask you for money. There are no fund raisers. More often than not dinner is provided free of charge by the hosts in the city where the riders spend the night.

My little soap box - seems like every little group in this country has a special recognition day EXCEPT our First Responders (dispatchers, EMTS, fire, policie, haz mat, military, etc). We NEED to recognize the special efforts of these people BEFORE they give their lives. If you can't make the ride - perhaps you can put your efforts into getting September 11th as the day of recognition for First Responders in your area/state.

Check out the website.

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