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I mounted my Darkside (Kumho Solus KH16 - 44 psi) for my 2010 Wing on a used 2010 wheel, with TPMS sensor, purchased on eBay. Of course, the TPMS light came on and stayed on because the "new" TPMS sensor was not recognized by the system. There is a wiring hack to disable the light but I wasn't comfortable applying it. It's a big job to access the correct section of the harness. I also believe that, "You pay for a tool whether you buy it or not" but you shouldn't over pay for any tool.

To record, activate, a new TPMS sensor, Honda requires a special tool, part number AEQVT55. This is an ATEQ universal TPMS activator "plus" and is available on the web as the ATEQ VT55. The "plus" makes it expensive - $600 to $1750, I found.

So, instead, I ordered the much cheaper ATEQ VT15, which is a TPMS activator only, from Tire Rack.

The GL1800 shop manual describes the process and, following it, the tool took care of the rest.

Two local Goldwing dealers wanted $85 and $80, respectively, to do this job. Using the tool one more time will easily pay for it. It will activate all sensors manufactured as of this date. It's update-able.

If you are running a TPMS encumbered Darkside tire at low pressures (less than about 38 psi), the activation process will record the sensor ID and snuff the TPMS light but not the low pressure light. Some TPMS curcuits can be set for custom tire pressures. I don't believe the Goldwing can, yet.

6/26/11 - Took the bike for a test ride today. After 5 miles the TPMS light went back on. The VT15 appears to activate the front sensor as confirmed by the one second blink of the TPMS light. But, activation of the rear sensor does not produce the required three blinks per second promised by the shop manual. Either the rear sensor is not working or the VT15 cannot activate it through the car tire. I'm hoping I can adjust my procedure to improve my results but the rear sensor may have been broken by the shop that mounted the tire or was defective when I purchased it through eBay. The drawback to the VT15 is that there is no diagnostic circuitry.

6/27/11 - After forcing the new, to me, sensor into test mode by filling the tire to 55psi for over 1 minute, swapping the rhinestone accented deep metal valve cap that came with my eBay wheel with the plastic cap from the OEM wheel, and repeating the activation process from the right side of the bike as illustrated in the shop manual, the TPMS system appears to be functioning properly and no warning lights display after a lengthy ride.

The feedback blinking lights referenced in the shop manual were not as described. When the front sensor was activated, the TPMS light blinks for one second on then one second off, as predicted. When the rear sensor activated the light blinked very slowly instead of the 1/3rd second on 1/3rd second off predicted by the shop manual. This may be because I activated the sensor from the "test" status instead of the "park" status.

Regardless, I changed enough in the final successful procedure that there is no telling what actually made the difference.
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