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I have found that the dealers have two motivations with a trade in. One is to sell it outright. The other is to send it off to auction. It all depends on what the dealer intends to do.
When in 2018 I traded my 2005, non ABS Wing with 130,000 miles... to buy a New 2016 level 4 Goldwing, Honda was clearing out their warehouses and introducing the 2018 models.
The New, zero mile 2016 I bought was marked down $10,000 off MSRP. On top of that they gave me $6500 in trade. I also was able to keep most of the accessories from my 05 that fit on the 2016. This alone saved me a couple thousand, as opposed to my buying the New 2018 that nothing would swap over.
The dealer sent my 2005 off to auction. Now 4 years later I have no idea where it wound up.

Corventure Dave
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