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For the last year or two I've been keeping an eye out for a nice Spyder RT. I know one of these days I'm gonna need three wheels and I believe that is the direction I want to go.
On the way back from work today, about an hour from home, I passed by a powersports store (they sell multiple brands, with Honda being one of them) and saw a bright, shiny Spyder. I stopped and saw it was a 2012 RT-S, and they had very recently traded for it. View attachment 401151
The salesman said they just got done putting new tires on it (all 3) and changing all the fluids (again, according to the salesman) before putting it on the sales floor. It didn't have too many miles on it and the asking price was $13,900, so I wanted to see what kind of trade-in they would give me on my '03. Now, before I go any further, let me say that I know that my '03 Goldwing is not actually MADE of gold, but I have never traded anything in on another vehicle, so I had no idea what to expect other than "dealers buy low so they can make money" and I'm fine with that, unless it's a ridiculous number... I drove home, got my bike and headed back. They took the bike to check it out and returned it shortly. The salesman proceeded to tell me the trade-in number they're looking at is $3500. Now, I wasn't expecting anything close to an even trade, but with values of everything going up recently I was expecting a little more than that. The only thing they found even close to being bad on the bike was the front brake pads. My bike isn't flawless, it's got a couple of scratches and it's own share of bugs, but overall, I think it's a solid 7-8 out of 10. The salesman then tells me that the lower offer was because it has over 100,000 miles on it (109,000) and that consumers are scared away when they see mileage like that.
So my questions are based on my experience today... do you think their offer was a decent one? Does mid to high mileage affect trade-in value THAT much? I know dealers want the best so they can get the most money in return, but in a market that currently is supposed to favor the consumer, should I have gotten a little higher number? And don't forget this is a "powersports" store. A lot of off-road vehicles, a few on road bikes.
FYI, they had ONE new, blue Goldwing... $30,000.
Put it on CycleTrader. By the way, after having a Wing, I don’t believe you’ll care for that 3 cyl engine. I thought the same until I started it it and felt the vibration. I then proceeded to buy a used 2018 blue Wing. Love it like crazy… much different ro ride than my 2012 (which I sold on CycleTrader)
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