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What do you trailer pullers use for wheel bearing grease :?: I have been using heavy wheel bearing grease like I use for my cars but it seems too thick and drags my gas mileage down. I was looking at the Slick 50 brand but would like other opinions on brands/types to use.

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I use Mobil 1 synthetic grease (red in color)....................

Here's more than you probably wanted to know. :shock:

Mobil 1® Synthetic Grease
Automotive Grease
Mobil 1 Synthetic Grease is an NLGI No. 2 high-performance grease which combines a synthetic base fluid with a lithium complex soap thickener. The thickener system provides a high dropping point, while additives impart optimum extreme-pressure properties and excellent resistance to water wash, and outstanding protection against rust and corrosion. Mobil 1 Synthetic Grease has excellent structural stability and low-temperature pumpability, making it an outstanding automotive grease.


Mobil 1 Synthetic Grease is recommended for automotive applications at both high and low temperatures. It is particularly suited for applications such as disc brake wheel bearings, ball and steering joints, and universal joints. It will provide outstanding bearing protection under heavy loads at any highway speed, and where moisture or condensation are factors.

Typical Characteristics

Physical characteristics are shownin the table. Values not shown as maximum are typical and may vary slightly.

Mobil 1 Synthetic Grease
Product Number 53201-0
NLGI Grade 2
Soap Type Lithium Complex
Structure Smooth; Slight Tack
Color Red
Penetration, ASTM D 217
Worked x 60 strokes
Worked x 10,000 strokes
Worked x 100,000 strokes

Dropping Point, deg. C ( deg. F) 288 (550)
Viscosity of Oil, ASTM D 445
cSt at 40 deg. C
cSt at 100 deg. C

ISO Viscosity Grade 220
Timken OK Load, ASTM D 2509, lb
Four-Ball Wear Test, ASTM D 2266,
Scar Diam, mm
Four-Ball EP, ASTM D 2596, Weld Load, kg
Four-Ball EP, Load Wear Index 45

Corrosion Prevention, ASTM D 1743
Emcor/SKF Water Wash Test, IP 220 (modified) Pass
Water Washout, ASTM D 1264, 79 deg. C (175 deg. F), wt % 6

Mobil 1 Synthetic Grease provides the following advantages and benefits:

All-purpose automotive service
Operating range of -37 deg. C (-35 deg. F) to +232 deg. C (+450 deg. F)
Excellent resistance to rust and corrosion
Outstanding structural stability
Excellent wear protection under heavy loads
Good shock loading protection
Excellent resistance to water wash
Outstanding service life

Young Buck
2013 GL1800 ABS/NAV/XM in Silver and Black, with chromed wheels.
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MotorcycleBoy said:
What do you trailer pullers use for wheel bearing grease :?: I have been using heavy wheel bearing grease like I use for my cars but it seems too thick and drags my gas mileage down. I was looking at the Slick 50 brand but would like other opinions on brands/types to use.
How about wheel bearing grease that is "pumpable"... in a tube that fits in a grease gun? That's what I use on my trailer. Something like Pennzoil 707L... $1.59 a tube.

PENNZOIL® PREMIUM WHEEL BEARING 707L RED GREASE is a high temperature, NLGI Grade 2, lithium complex grease which contains high quality petroleum base oils. The primary application for 707L is in high temperature operations such as wheel bearings on vehicles equipped with conventional, disc and antilock braking systems. These high temperature applications demand the use of 707L to resist melting of the grease and the resulting leakage from the bearings. 707L may be used with confidence at continuous operating temperatures up to 375°F and in intermittent use at temperatures up to 450°F. Special additives in 707L prevent rust and corrosion, reduce wear, and provide extreme pressure protection. 707L has excellent resistance to softening or hardening in service, resists water washout, and flows readily at cold temperatures. 707L's special thickeners resist wheel bearing leakage.

Precision manufacturing reduces oil bleeding in long term storage and produces a consistent color and texture. Its extreme pressure properties insure its performance under heavy or shock loading.

PENNZOIL® PREMIUM WHEEL BEARING 707L RED GREASE exceeds the requirements of the NLGI GC-LB specification, which is the highest performance rating available. This means that it is satisfactory for use as both a severe duty chassis and wheel bearing lubricant, resisting oxidation, evaporation and consistency degradation while protecting the components from corrosion and wear.

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Any good grade "Marine" grease will do the job. Here in Wi we get it at Mills Fleet Farm. Less than 2 bucks a tube. We use it on our cargo trailers, campers, enclosed haulers and boat trailers. Never had a problem.

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rottendog said:
Never heard of wheel bearing grease dragging mileage down. I'd start looking for other issues.
Try holding your arm straight out and waving it around in the air (light oil). Now try the same thing while under water (heavy grease). Did you feel the difference? The problem is well known in the bicycling community where very light oils are used on wheel bearings to reduce rolling resistance. The only problem with using the same oils is they will not hold up to the higher speeds/temperatures of a trailer wheel bearing. Leads to very short bearing life.
I have verified that the empty trailer causes reduced gas mileage and this problem did not begin until after one of the wheel bearings burned up and I replaced them and the grease.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I have 2 tubes of Pennzoil Marine wheel bearing grease out in the garage right now. I will try replacing the present grease with that and see if the problem is cured. If not I believe I will give one of the synthetics a try. Maybe even the Slick 50. :D
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