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Get some plugs to carry and a slime air compressor from HDL. The plugs will fit in the air compressor pouch and the whole thing is about the size of a wallet before you bought a wing. If you get a flat that will get you to a shop for help. If you need a tire then you need to get help. Have you seen Bartmans contact list? Print it and take it with you.

Here is the rack that I use. It is lighter than the more popular brands but works great. It is also much cheaper.

I use a suitcase from Kmart for $40. I line the inside with a double garbage bag to keep everything dry. The suit case will carry 4 pair of jeans and 8 T shirts plus a bunch of miscellaneous stuff. I have the Kury rack and bag. I carry underwear and socks in it. I keep the wings bags empty so we can put our Gerbings and mesh suits inside and locked up when we go in somewhere. The bags can be stolen but I can replace everything in them at Wallmart petty easy so I don't worry about them. I carry a bicycle cable with a combination lock. I loop it through the suitcase and both helmets and hook it on the helmet hooks under the trunk. The suitcase has wheels on the bottom and a pull out handle. When we get to the motel I set it up and strap the Kury bag on top of it, strap both helmets to the handle and I can go in with one hand free.
This has worked for us for many years, but you may wonder what I am doing reading the trailer board. Well we have decided we need a trailer. On our last trip to Florida the boy went deep sea fishing and we had to carry 35 lbs of frozen fish back with us.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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