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trailer questions??

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I am planning a few trips this year with my wife joining me. I think I may need to add a trailer to the bike. I am concerned that my riding style may not work with a trailer. We go to ride twisties in NC and Co. What is it like riding with a trailer? I feel I ride a little aggressive and wondering how much the trailer will slow me down. I can see that on the slab it would be a non issue but what about back roads?
Ok so what trailer would be suggested. Bushtec?
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You said it. Bushtec.:thumbup:

Try the MCTrailer forum for more answers

I have a Bushtec and have had no problems, have rideen backroads and dirt roads

Just gotta be aware of the extra weight and increased stopping distance
:agree::agree::agree::agree::agree: Bushtec:thumbup:
Lazy Lobster

Bring this over to the trailer forum, for this could get too lengthy on this forum. Bushtec is a good choice for many. I personally chose a Tailwind and I'm convinced that it's the Rolls Royce of trailerdom.

any used ones for sale :popcorn::popcorn:
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