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I’ll be getting a Piggy Backer trailer and a Bushtec V.2 Standard (w/ isolator) hitch for my ’05 Wing before July 4th.

Can anyone (LEWIS, Preston…) tell me what I will need in the way of wiring?

I already have the Kisan Tailblazer modulator that says it handles a two brakelight trailer system and I believe that’s what the Piggy is. I’m keeping the Piggy’s lights stock. Do I need, and what is, an EC sub harness?

I want to end up with a nice trailer plug like we have on our cars/trucks where you just plug in the trailer so I can use it with my truck as well. I won’t be adding any extra lights or cargo lights to the trailer. It will rarely be used.

Thanks in advance!

(Posted on Trailer site also)
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