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jimwinger said:
I live about 25 miles north of Glaveston. Some of the things that come to mind (shotgunning, since I have no idea where your interest lay.)
In Galveston:
1. Strand shopping district: restored warehouse district with "neat" shops and restaurants.
2. Sailing vessel Elyssa museum: turn of the century sailing ship restored and acutally sailed from time to time
3. Bolivar ferry: free ferry across the Galveston ship channel to the Bolivar pennisula. Beaches, often dolphin viewing from the ferry
4. Lots of good seafood restaurants along the seawall (along Gulf of Mexico beaches)
5. Seawolf park: exhibit and tours of WW-II submarine and destroyer
6. There are fising "party boats" if you like to fish with half (in Galvston bay) and full day (off-shore) trips.

Near Galveston:
1. Space Center Houston (25 miles north) at the NASA Johnson Space Center with a nice exhibit area, IMAX theatre, tours of Mission Control and several other areas (where astronauts are trained, spacecraft designed and tested.) (Where I used to work at NASA).
2. Kemah Boardwalk (near JSC) with several interesting restaurants (the Aquarium is really pretty, food is ho-hum), almost a carnival like atmoshpere with a few rides, arcades and shopping.
3. One personal favorite. If you go to Kemah to visit the Boardwalk and would like one of the better chicken-fried steaks, go to "T-Bone Tom;s" which is on TX-146 just off the Boardwalk. Not fancy but better than decent eatin.

There probably are lots more that others will jump in with. If you decide to come, drop me a note and I'll rattle my brain some more
Add Moody Gardens to this and you just about have it all. Moody Gardens is not far off of the sea wall and the rain forest is really nice.
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