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Mr. Bill; I'm from Denver myself, but now residing in League City, just north of Galveston, but still in Galveston County. The League City exit is the road you turn on, from I-45 to go to Kemah. In addition to all the great suggestions above, here are some of my thoughts:

Not sure what you are looking for in Galveston that brings you here, but don't miss an opportunity to try some of the TexMex here in Texas. Food and eating is big down here. There is a pretty new TexMex called Chico's Paradise on 5th and Seawall, I enjoyed it. Also, crossing the Ferry to Bolivar and about 8 or 10 miles east is a great mom and pop called the Outrigger that is good for breakfast. Another place if you have the time is Richards on the Bay, way south on the Island. My wife enjoyed the ride on the wing and dinner there a couple months ago. Finally, try out the Mosquito Grill on 14th on Galveston, great for lunch or dinner.

Try going on a tour of Haak Winery located in Santa Fe, Texas. In April they may even be having some "events" like concerts or parties. If your wife is anything like mine there is an outlet mall located on I-45 in La Marque and the large mall at Bay Area Blvd, west of I-45 (bleeeaaahh!). Of course as mentioned above the Strand is the in place for browsing the local wares.

The best beaches on Galveston are probably Stewart Beach, located right where you turn off seawall for the ferry and way south. I have to say beach going isn't a big thing here though, but you'll be late in the main spring break events, so there will be lots of opportunity for people watching. You can also rent a pedal bike or cart and pedal up and down the seawall.

I am sure there are more opportunities, but I can't come up with any more at the moment.
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