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Two friends and I went to NE this month. We chose the non interstate route up!
MD RT 15N to Harrisburg,PA to Interstate 81 to PA RT 22E To PA RT 183N To PA Rt 209N. The Del. Water Gap was a real nice area to ride. RT 209N is a good route North because it will take you from Lehighton, PA all the way to Kingston, NY. We then took NY RT 9W north to Leeds Height, NY and then went West on NY RT 145 & 30 up through the Adirondack Mts. We then took NY RT 9S to Lake George, NY. Our next leg took us North on 9N and took the Ferry to VT on VT RT 17N. On VT RT 17N we went South on VT Rt 125S to VT 14E to Barre VT, We then jumped on VT RT 302E to Woodville, NH where we got on NH RT 112E (Kancamgus Highway) to Conway, NH. We then went to Mt Washington and rode to the top. We got there at 8 am and the weather was perfect. We left NH by NH RT 302E into Maine. We took MA 113S to MA RT 25S to Portland, MA. We wanted to ride along the coast of MA, but we found out that RT 1S was the wrong choice of roads. From there we rode the Interstate back to Washington DC. Total route was about 1650 miles and the weather was great, except for the last day. Rain for 200 miles.
The small NE towns are really something to see with all of the hanging baskets of flowers on every lamp pole.:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
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