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Route 66

If you are really following the old highway you traveled through Marshfield MO. and past the site where my family home was. The club house at the golf course at one time was a gas station / diner on the old road. As you passed through Springfield, you would have passed the site of Red's Giant Hamburg. Reputed to be the origin of the drive-thru window. Red was amazing. If you ate inside he would stand at the register and literally throw your money on the floor at his feet while handing you back your change. By the end of the day he had quite a pile.

He had an uncanny ability to have the correct change in his hand before you handed him your money. People used to laugh at how he seemed to know exactly what you ordered and how much you owed and what bill you would hand him. He and his wife would come out and dance with the student at the local bars. One of the bands wrote a song for them. They were in their 70's and we were, well some of us were under 21.

Too bad you have to work at following the old road any more. Certianly a different time, a unique time, in our culture.

Ride safe
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